Partnership, reduction in costs and successful negotiations.
LillyFire's team of result-driven professionals are dedicated to providing innovative solutions to mitigate risk and manage your most critical compliance initiatives.  Our client focused philosophy allows for mutual strategic planning with real time responsiveness in an ever changing climate.  Achieve your business goals with operational excellence and cost effective outcomes.

LillyFire provides the following services:
  • Multiple reporting options for damage incidents.
  • Liability analysis based on state dig laws, permit guidelines and contractual issues.
  • Coordination to obtain and locate damage reports / pictures to sustain liability against damagers.
  • Invoicing for all repair costs (temporary and permanent).
  • Invoicing and reminder notifications through letters, telephone and email contacts.
  • Additional investigation if liability is disputed or denied.
  • Licensed access to national search tools for skip trace, motor vehicle, property and miscellaneous data searches.
  • Quality tracking, ad hoc reports and improvement plans to address damager incidents.
  • Reports to clients with status of claims, settlements and remittances.
  • Certified Federal and State Contractors

LillyFire Services

Your Resources Are Important And We Know It

LillyFire provides a full service subrogation unit to work with your technicians, insurance representatives, and client excavation contractors to obtain information on damage incidents involving your company facilities.  We reduce the burden on your staff to review, negotiate and mitigate the costs associated with damage events.

Damage Recovery and Remittance

We work with insurance companies, municipal employees, homeowner associations, and attorneys to resolve disputes.  We treat all parties with respect and educate them in regards to damage prevention.

A monthly invoice is issued directly to the client team with a detailed status on all claims placed with LillyFire.

What We Do:
  • ‚ÄčComprehensive, organized claims management
  • 24/7 damage reporting with ease of access
  • Detailed claims investigation
  • Ability to track and monitor claim progress
  • Weekly and monthly claim analysis reporting
  • Claim negotiations with integrity
  • Improving client risk and loss ratios
  • Flexible team integration training


We provide a wide range of services to most industries and utilities.

Our process is simple.  Assess your needs, find the correct solutions and then implement them until the issues are resolved.